Humanized Data Science – The next big thing!

the only way, Data Science becomes directly useful to a human is when it gets democratized, and to do that, it needs to get Humanized first!

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3/3/20233 min read


Humanizing Data Science may sound like a big fancy word. However, in reality, it is simply making Data Science as a technology more accessible to a layman.

As we know, the only way, Data Science becomes directly useful to a human is when it gets democratized, and to do that, it needs to get Humanized first!


The real-life biggest applicability of Data Science is to empower the decision-makers of the businesses and to pull out the stories from the data with which a business user can resonate and can make an informed decision.

And that is where Humanized Data Science comes in handy!

Today, solutions like Lean ETL, Data Mesh, Self Service BI, and NO-Code Analytics are just a few names of the fishes in the ocean of the Data Science universe that is making it more humanized.


The Good Part is, When Technology like Data Science starts becoming humanized and resonating with humans directly, it starts solving business problems and adding to the efficiency and efficacy of the business.

That is where the role of Advanced Technology is moving in the business world today. Technology as a department is no more looked up as part of the Cost Center Bucket where Businesses used to spend as little as possible. The tables are turned and now for every department in every business, we have a Technology intervention as an enabler, and hence, Technology is no more there to support the business but to run it efficiently.

Data Science is one such technology that is changing the landscape of business as it provides a forecast of business operations based on historical data. It is being highly used in improving product lines, increasing customer engagement, and thus enhancing revenues.

Where are we Today?

However, this is not as seamless as it may sound, there is an additional layer in between the two ends of the spectrum which is getting finetuned with the introduction of Humanized Data Science.

I am referring to the layer of Augmented Data Management that is powered by Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

This layer needs to be humanized to the level that it becomes Business user-centric. And yes, Humanized Data Science will be playing a major role in bridging that gap.

Today, the adoption of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is less compared to the kind of value it brings to the table simply because of their narrowed target audience, it is mostly targeted to Tech Professionals (Tech Geeks) and comes out complex to be directly consumed by a Business user with no-coding background, again, thanks to humanized and no-coding touch to these technologies which is changing the perception of the users towards it and is minimizing the repulsion in the adoption of it from the masses.

So, in short, Humanized Data Science is bridging many gaps right from the application of Data Science in the market to its adoption in businesses.

Where are we Heading?

2023 will change the pattern of Data Science to Humanized Data Science, which will also shoot up BI adoption with the easy availability of BI enablement options to start the BI journey for any enterprise.

Every day, new advanced ways of handling the Data spectrum are getting introduced to embark on the data-driven culture in businesses. Data is becoming directly available in form of insights to business users with the help of powerful BI platforms that use humanized Data Science at their backend and these instant insights are becoming pivotal today for most businesses to take timely decisions.

With the no-code approach in Augmented Data Management and having Self Service BI in place, The workplaces are getting connected internally like never before and are able to leverage Data to run daily operations successfully.

Also, with time, this all is getting better!

Technologies are making business users their best friends and enhancing the calibration of business processes by simply being available at their disposal unlike earlier when users had to write n number of codes to enable the simplest of things at the technology front.


Humanized Data Science will connect workplaces and bring more visibility to day-to-day operations making it easier to do the pivots whenever needed to significantly improve business performances.

Lastly, it will make business users align their business operations with Technology-driven intelligence by leveraging the best of both worlds (Human and machines).

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